HOLY SPIRIT’S COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN will host their annual SWEET AND SAVORY AUCTION for desserts and appetizers, after the 10:30 mass, Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, in the Fellowship Hall.   The Chairwoman, for this event, is Gwen Covey and you may contact her at 308-221-2170 or by e-mail at:  gwen_cov@yahoo.com   YOU are invited to create something special, for this auction, which will show off your cooking skills.   The sign-up sheets are located on a table in the church gathering area.  This auction will be a fun, competitive way to purchase treats for your own family, or for entertaining your guests, while watching the Super Bowl.  Recipes from the cooks are to be included, with each dessert or appetizer, along with the container in which it is purchased, as an extra bonus for the buyer.  We will have real auctioneers and the feverish action will take place in the Fellowship Hall.  Please plan to come and enjoy coffee and a donut, February 3rd, as you browse our offerings and contemplate all of our delicious items.   Believe it…your choice may be a difficult one to make, but it will be delicious to eat!

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